Michigan Slip And Fall Settlements Without Surgery Explained

Can You Get Slip and Fall Settlements Without Surgery In Michigan?

In Michigan, you can still get slip and fall settlements without surgery as they are not actually any different than settlements where a surgery is involved. Settlements involving surgery may increase the risk and exposure for an insurance company if a case goes to trial, which could increase the settlement value.

However, it is more important when evaluating what a case is worth for settlement to focus on how clear liability (fault) is, whether there are aggravating factors involving liability, and the specific injuries and extent of medical treatment necessary to treat these injuries. A Michigan slip and fall settlement should never depend on some arbitrary fact, such as whether a surgery has or has not occurred. 

Far more important than whether or not an accident victim’s injury can be successfully treated or healed with surgery is the cumulative impact of these injuries on the accident victim’s life, not  whether a surgery was performed or not. What matters is the victim’s injuries, his or her medical needs to treat those injuries both now and in the future, the total economic cost of the injuries in time missed from work and medical bills incurred and to be incurred in the future, the accident victim’s pain and suffering, and the extent to which the victim’s injuries affect his or her ability to live his or her normal life.

Common injuries suffered by slip and fall victims

Victims of slip and falls, trip and falls and premises liability accidents can suffer a variety of different injuries, but the most common injuries include: (1) orthopedic injuries and fractures; (2) TBIs; (3) concussions; (4) spinal cord injuries, ruptured and herniated spinal discs; (5) knee injuries, including tears to the MCL, PCL, and ACL; (6) muscular and ligamentous sprains and strains; (7) nerve damage and nerve impingement; (8) mental and emotional trauma, including depression, often secondary to serious physical injuries, chronic pain, and traumatic brain injury.

Is surgery required for anyone injured in a slip and fall or trip and fall accident in Michigan?

In Michigan, surgery is not required for all slip and fall or trip and fall settlements because surgery is not always the best or proper course of treatment. The nature and extent of a person’s injury – as well as the injury’s disabling effect – will determine whether surgery or other treatment is warranted.

Non-surgical treatment for injured slip and fall or trip and fall victims includes: (1) neuropsychological and neurological care for concussion and traumatic brain injury; (2) cognitive-behavioral rehabilitation; (3) physical therapy; (4) occupational therapy; (5) rehabilitation therapy; and (6) pain management including medication.

Can you get a slip and fall settlement without surgery in Michigan?

In Michigan, you do not need to have undergone surgery to get a successful slip and fall settlement amount in your case. Your settlement depends on the facts of your case and the extent of your injuries, not on some arbitrary detail that an insurance adjuster will check off such as whether you had surgery or not. If surgery is not the proper treatment for your injuries, then it has no proper bearing on your settlement.

The main factors that will influence how much your case can settle for include: (1) how clearly liability (negligence and fault) can be established where the accident occurred; (2) the nature and extent of your injuries; (3) your medical needs, both now and in the future; (4) how your ability to work is affected; (5) the negligent party’s insurance coverage and assets; and (6) your choice of lawyer.

Do I need a lawyer for a slip and fall settlement without surgery in Michigan?

Whether you have had surgery or not, if you or a loved one suffered serious injuries or death as a result of a dangerous condition on another person’s property, you will need an experienced Michigan slip and fall lawyer to recover the fullest and fairest settlement for your slip and fall.

All premises liability cases can be complicated and complex cases. These cases are also often very aggressively contested by negligent property owners and the insurance companies involved.  

Having an experienced lawyer who specializes in this area of law on your side can help you hold the negligent parties fully accountable. More importantly, it can also help you recover the true, fullest slip and fall settlement value of your Michigan case whether you have undergone surgery or not.

The insurance industry’s own data shows that in cases where accident victims are represented by experienced attorneys with a proven track record of success, settlements are reached faster and for significantly more money than when victims are represented by personal injury lawyers who only handle the occasional case in this area of the law.

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