Michigan Slip and Fall Cases And Settlement Amounts

Our attorneys have recovered some of the largest slip and fall and premises liability settlements in Michigan. Read below to learn about our Michigan slip and fall cases, the settlement amounts awarded, why so many people put their trust in us after they’ve been injured, and why so many Michigan attorneys refer these cases to our office when they come across a premises liability injury accident.


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What Is Your Slip and Fall Case Worth?

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The secret to top settlement amounts in our Michigan slip and fall cases

A focus on Michigan slip and fall cases, along with a proven track record of top settlement amounts and jury verdicts, combines to produce some of the best reported slip and fall settlements in the state. We know how to get our clients the best possible settlements because we focus exclusively in this area of law.

A lot of personal injury lawyers in Michigan only dabble in premises liability, trip and fall, and slip and fall cases and unfortunately, it shows in the settlement amounts awarded. Too many personal injury lawyers reach disappointing settlements for their clients because they do not fully understand the sophistication required to properly document, litigate, and how to pressure insurance companies to pay for full and fair settlements.

Michigan Slip and Fall Lawyers take the opposite approach – and it shows in the cases we handle and our settlement amounts we obtain for our clients.

Our attorneys do not sign these cases hoping to get a “lucky” settlement. We’re not one of the big television law firms who advertise for dozens of completely unrelated areas of law, under pressure to move cases and settle for less to pay for huge advertising budgets, hoping to maybe recover something for our clients. Our attorneys believe in bringing a specialized focus and skill set – forged by real hard-won experience – to all of our clients’ cases. We only settle Michigan slip and fall cases for settlement amounts that our clients deserve and are owed.

Attorney Tim Holland and Michigan Slip and Fall Lawyers have the extensive experience and specialized knowledge to skillfully and safely navigate our clients through the treacherous waters of Michigan’s slip and fall law. We know where the dangers are in premises liability cases, and we know how to fully protect our clients and how to maximize Michigan slip and fall cases to reach the best possible settlement amounts for them.

Top Michigan slip and fall cases and settlement amounts

Michigan Slip and Fall Lawyers have recovered some of the largest settlements for victims of slip and falls. We look forward to helping you and your family recover the best possible settlement in your case. Here are some of our top Michigan slip and fall cases and settlement amounts:

  • $ 7 Million

    Jury verdict for a construction accident caused by worksite safety violations.

  • $ 5.5 Million

    Oakland County Premises Liability Settlement - The recovery in this case resulted from a dangerous condition on property causing serious physical injuries.

  • $ 4.6 Million

    Wayne County (Detroit, Michigan) Trial Verdict - Our client suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result of a national retail pharmacy’s negligent display, maintenance and securing of dangerous merchandise.

  • $ 3.6 Million

    Macomb County Premises Liability Settlement - This confidential case arose from a dangerous condition causing serious harm.

  • $ 2.5 Million

    Washtenaw County (Ann Arbor, Michigan) - A hidden dangerous condition on property.

  • $ 2 Million

    Kent County Settlement - This confidential settlement our Michigan slip and fall lawyers won arose out of a Grand Rapids, Michigan accident.

  • $ 1.8 Million

    A dangerous condition in a store caused our client serious injuries requiring surgery.

  • $ 1.5 Million

    Wayne County (Detroit, Michigan) Trial Jury Verdict - Our elderly client suffered debilitating and disabling injuries after being struck and thrown to the ground by the negligent operation of automated doors of a store.

  • $ 1.3 Million

    Montcalm County - The accident in this case occurred in Edmore, Michigan.

  • $ 1.25 Million

    Van Buren County - A South Haven, Michigan, accident led to this recovery.

  • $ 1 Million

    $1,000,000 settlement just before trial on $0 offer, after case had been rejected by 4 other law firms


Michigan Slip and Fall Cases Settlements Amounts FAQs

Below we offer answers to some of the most frequently asked questions that we hear. But if you don’t see the answers you’re looking for or if you have a different question, we welcome you reaching out to us by calling anytime for a free consultation. We are here to help.

How long do these types of settlements take?

A slip and fall settlement will generally take at least six months to a year if the case can be settled pre-lawsuit, and between one and two years to resolve if a lawsuit is filed, depending on the specific venue where the lawsuit is filed.

The factors that can affect how long your slip and fall settlement will take include: (1) the nature and extent of your injuries; (2) your current and future medical treatment needs; (3) your total lost wages if your injuries disable you from working, and the extent of future work disability; (4) your lawyer’s experience, track record and reputation (attorneys with a demonstrated track record of settlement and trial success can settle cases for significantly more money and often much faster than lawyers without a proven track record in slip and fall cases); (5) the particular insurance companies that are involved; (6) when a lawsuit is filed; (7) the extent of legal discovery and the number of depositions, experts and witnesses; (8) case evaluation; and (9) settlement and pretrial conferences set by the trial court in your case.

How much money can I get for a slip and fall settlement in Michigan?

Michigan has no caps on pain and suffering for slip and fall cases, so there are no legal limitations on settlement amounts awarded and how much money you can recover as compensation for your pain and suffering and economic losses for a settlement. The word “compensate” means to balance, and the total amount of money you recover from a slip and fall lawsuit or pre-lawsuit settlement will be based on the severity of your injuries and on how clearly liability (negligence and fault that caused your injuries) can be proven through evidence. Similarly, the law does not restrict how much you may be entitled to recover as reimbursement for economic losses you have incurred or that you will lose in the future, or to pay for your medical bills and lost wages.

There are several factors that affect settlement amounts of slip and fall cases in Michigan for a lawsuit. The most important factor will always be based on specifically what the property owner, business or maintenance company specifically did wrong (how were they careless or negligent?), and closely related to this will be how well this can be documented and proven.

Here are some of the most important additional factors beyond the liability of the person who caused your accident that affects settlement amounts for slip and fall cases in Michigan: (1) your specific injuries; (2) your accident-related medical needs (past, present and future); (3) whether and for how long your injuries disabled you from working; (4) the liability insurance coverage limits of the person or business that had possession and control of the property where you were injured; (5) whether there are other additional parties who are negligent and culpable for your injuries, such as maintenance personnel; and (6) your attorney’s experience and proven track record.

This is where your choice of who you hire as your slip and fall lawyer is important. Insurance companies know who the handful of attorneys are in Michigan who truly understand this area of law and who are willing to go to trial, if necessary, just as these insurance companies know who the attorneys are that always avoid trial and seem to always “settle short” of what a full and fair slip and fall settlement would be. Settlement amounts offered in Michigan slip and fall cases by insurance companies will always take into account who your attorney is and his or her track record.

The bottom line is that an experienced attorney can usually settle slip and fall cases in Michigan for settlement amounts that are significantly more money and often much faster than attorneys who do not have the same experience and proven track record.

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