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When Should I Get A Lawyer For A Slip and Fall Accident?

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In Michigan, you should get a lawyer for a slip and fall accident as soon as possible if it resulted in a serious personal injury or wrongful death.

Tim Holland, slip and fall lawyer

In general, you should get a lawyer for a slip and fall accident in Michigan as soon as possible because with premises liability cases most of the critical legal discovery occurs in the beginning and needs to be done right away to document a hazard or dangerous condition as it existed at the time of the accident. An attorney needs to begin the legal discovery process to preserve this critical evidence, as well as to comply with any applicable notice requirements that may be required. Depending on your state and the potential negligent party, a notice requirement can be due as little as 60 or 120 days after a slip and fall.

Obtaining an attorney for legal representation right away can make all the difference in your ability to successfully win your case and hold a negligent store or premises owner accountable when you are injured on their property.

Michigan Slip and Fall Lawyer Tim Holland is arguably Michigan’s most successful and experienced premises liability attorney, having litigated more than 200 slip and fall accidents, trip and fall accidents, and premises liability cases throughout the state of Michigan, from Detroit to Grand Rapids, and from Monroe to Traverse City. Tim has had extraordinary success in both the trial and appellate courts. He is one of the nation’s most in-demand legal specialists and a highly sought after speaker at national legal conferences and seminars, teaching other attorneys across the country how to win slip and fall injury cases.

Michigan Slip and Fall Lawyers Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get a lawyer for a slip and fall accident in Michigan?

In Michigan, you should get a lawyer for a slip and fall accident as soon as possible if you’ve suffered a serious injury or lost a loved one. At the very least, we always recommend a free consultation with an experienced attorney.

When should I get a lawyer for a slip and fall accident in Michigan?

The “rule of thumb” is you should get a lawyer after a slip and fall accident in Michigan when: (1) you’re seriously injured; (2) you lost a loved one; and/or (3) you have questions about what you should do. Seek legal advice as soon as possible to protect your legal rights and preserve valuable evidence.

Why should I get an attorney?

An experienced Michigan slip and fall accident lawyer will know how to help you identify all the potential parties that may be at fault in causing your injury, comply with all mandatory notice requirements to bring a lawsuit for compensation, and document the dangerous condition or hazard that caused your injury.

In addition, hiring an experienced lawyer is proven to increase the settlement in your case. The insurance industry’s own data shows that a person who is represented by an experienced attorney who has a proven track record of success can significantly increase the settlement amount and settle your case much faster than people who are not represented by an attorney. Services that a lawyer will provide include:

  • Serving “preservation” letters on the negligent property owners to stop them from destroying critical evidence that will help you prove your case
  • Gathering the necessary evidence for proving your case, including photos, reports, diagrams, videos and surveillance footage of your slip and fall accident.
  • Our Michigan slip and fall accident lawyers work with some of the best experts in the country
  • Interviewing witnesses
  • Subpoena incident reports and maintenance records as well as past reported injuries and accidents to prove notice and negligence on the part of the premises owner.
  • Deposing everyone who knew or should have known about the dangerous condition or hazard – including those people who could have done something to protect you but chose not to
  • Refuting property owners and managers claims and legal defenses that they did not know about any unsafe conditions, hazards, and dangerous conditions on their property
  • Proving to an insurance claims adjuster, judge, and/or jury how the dangerous condition that caused your slip and fall was neither open nor obvious to the average person

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