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Michigan Slip and Fall Lawyers is a full-service premises liability accident law firm. We have litigated over 300 slip and fall, trip and fall, and premises liability cases throughout Michigan. We are available 24/7 to answer your questions and our top-rated slip and fall lawyers can come to you, wherever you are – no matter how near or far.

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Holding negligent property owners like big box stores, business owners and landlords accountable for your injuries and forcing them to pay you the compensation and money damages you are legally entitled to is a battle. But our attorneys know how to fight and to win. Our lawyers’ specialized focus and skill set – forged by real hard-won experience – allows them to skillfully and safely navigate our clients through the treacherous waters of Michigan’s slip and fall law, avoiding dangers that all too often prove insurmountable for personal injury lawyers who only dabble in this area of the law. As a result, our accomplished, highly respected attorneys have established a proven track record of some of the best reported slip and fall settlements and jury verdicts in the state. Our consistent 5-star reviews speak volumes about the compassion, caring, and respect you will be treated with as our client. When you meet our team of attorneys, you’ll know you’ve found the best slip and lawyers in Michigan for your case.
Our attorneys have the experience, specialized knowledge, grit, and determination to get you and your family the best possible results in your slip and fall or trip and fall case.

Tim Holland is Michigan’s most successful and most experienced slip and fall lawyer. Tim has litigated over 200 slip and fall, trip and fall, and premises liability cases throughout Michigan, including winning cases in Detroit, Sterling Heights, Grand Rapids, Traverse City and Ann Arbor.


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The best Michigan slip and fall lawyers for you are attorneys who specialize in slip and fall accident cases and who have a proven track record of success.

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